If you are a regular follower of my blog then you know I completed my first ever triathlon back in July. It was the most challenging and exciting thing I’ve done so far this year. Well, I’m getting ready to participate in another triathlon. This one is much different – it’s a “Mindful Triathlon”.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300"]Photo by Jake Laub for Wanderlust Festival Wanderlust Festival[/caption]

I know that sounds really weird, but that’s what it is. Instead of the swim, bike, run events that are customary for a traditional triathlon, the Mindful Triathlon events include a 5K run, meditation and yoga.

It’s part of the Wanderlust Festival. This one day event has been taking place in urban parks across the country. Upcoming events are scheduled for Brooklyn NY, Austin Texas, Hawaii, and later this month it’s coming to Atlanta.

I had the pleasure of talking to one of the lead yoga instructors for the event. Nora Honarvar from Tough Love Yoga studios shared some insights about this unique event and what we can expect. Please click on the image below to watch the interview.


Wanderlust 108 will be held at Piedmont Park in Atlanta on Sunday, September 28th. Please visit the event website at www.wanderlust.com for registration information.

Now, I have a question for you – What do you think of this concept of a mindful triathlon?

*The photo featured in this blog is by Jake Laub for Wanderlust Festival. ** The photos featured in the video are by Stewart Noack, Daniel Craig, Amy Hart, and Vincent Tran for Wanderlust Festival. ]]>

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