It’s official, the summer season has begun. Not only is this the time to hit the beach, but it’s the best time to start preparing for the fall.

When I bought my house nearly two years ago, I got everything on my wish list except a backyard. I’ve always wanted my own yard to grow an organic garden. I dreamed of the day I could go out to my backyard and grab everything I needed to prepare my vegan dinner. 

Giving up a backyard was the only sacrifice I made by buying a townhouse. My disappointment prevented me from seeing the benefits my screened patio could offer me. Even though I started a balcony garden in my former apartment I wasn’t fully aware of the possibilities a patio garden offers. 

Patio Garden Plants

What I now know is that any vegetable I can grow in the ground can also be grown in a container garden. It takes three basic things:

  1. The right container to handle the growth of the vegetable. Root vegetables need more space. 
  2. The right soil. Soil required for an in-ground garden is different from that needed for a container. 
  3. An outlet for the water to drain from the container. You can use almost any type of container as long as you have a place from which the water can drain.

With the rising costs we’re experiencing right now because of the economy, growing your own food is a great option. It’s cost effective and if you start now, you can begin to harvest fresh, organic vegetables by the fall. 

All you need to know is what grows best in the summer and what harvests quickly. I’m in Florida so we can grow year round.  

I’m starting with the veggies I eat most often, which fortunately for me, they harvest relatively quickly. I also need to be mindful of what grows well in the summer heat – tomatoes, okra, lettuce, peppers, potatoes, etc. 

So, if you ever thought of growing a garden, but feel intimidated by the process, give container gardening a try. You can’t really get it wrong because every experience will provide you with a lesson you need to get better. 

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