After a stressful week, today I decided to take a hike in the mountains to regain my perspective. Being in nature is such a spiritual experience for me because it reminds me of how small I am and how BIG God is! For me, there is no splendor more beautiful or a greater testament of God’s Glory and His existence than the ocean and the mountains. I never feel closer to God than when I’m in either of those places. I was rather disappointed in myself when I realized that the majority of the stressors I experienced this past week was a result of “small stuff”. Things like traffic, the behaviors of others – which are so beyond my control, and just my own little idiosyncrasies. You know, those characteristics of my personality that have been there all my life and aren’t likely to change (i.e. control issues, OCD behavior, etc.) So, since the weather was perfect and I knew I needed to get over myself, I decided to go for a hike. I must say it was the best decision I made all week. Within moments of being on the trail I felt relief. The rays of sunshine that lit the trail and the direct sunlight that I felt on my face once I reached the top of the mountain was the essence of pure joy for me. I could’ve stayed on that mountain top all day. In fact, I intentionally tried to delay the experience, so once I reached the bottom, I decided to go back up! I just didn’t want it to end. Obviously, I couldn’t keep going up and down the mountain, I had to eventually leave, but I have decided to relish in that experience by refusing to lose the lesson. For me the lesson was: “Don’t sweat the small stuff because from God’s perspective, it’s ALL small stuff.” Until next time… Peace, Love & Fitness! ]]>

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