For most of my adult life I have lived a relatively healthy life. I’ve exercised consistently and eaten fairly well. Still, like most people, I’ve struggled with my weight. Consequently, I’ve sought the perfect diet and exercise plan to lose anywhere from 10-20 pounds at different points in my life. But I have to say, hands down, the best decision I’ve ever made concerning my health was to adopt a plant based diet. As many of you know, I’ve followed a vegan diet for the past couple of years. It has transformed me physically, spiritually and emotionally. Even though it’s a life I kind of stumbled upon, I believe I was destined for this path. It was the catalyst for my transition into health and wellness. I have learned so much through this journey that I feel compelled to share it with others. Plant Food ROCKS was born out of my desire to share my knowledge with others. Research indicates that plant food Reduces the Onset of Cancer & Kills Sickness (ROCKS). In fact, following a plant based diet has been associated with the following benefits:  Lower levels of triglycerides  Lower blood pressure  Decreased body weight and body mass index (BMI)  Decreased risk of death from any cause, including heart disease  Improved insulin sensitivity  Better blood sugar control in patients with diabetes Furthermore, in an analysis published in 2009 in the American Journal of Cardiology, researchers reviewed 27 studies on the heart benefits of four different types of plant-based diets: Vegan, Lacto-ovo-vegetarian, Primary plant-based (similar to the lacto-ovo-vegetarian diet, but allows small amounts of lean meat), and Combination diet — a traditional vegetarian or vegan diet combined with nuts, soy, and/or fiber. The researchers found the following:  People who ate the combination diet decreased their total cholesterol and LDL “bad” cholesterol by 20% to 35%.  Those who ate the vegan diet had LDL decreases of 15% to 25%.  People who ate the lacto-ovo-vegetarian and primary plant-based diets had significantly smaller decreases: 10% to 15%. If these benefits are appealing to you, and you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, I have written an eBook that explains how you can make the transition to a plant based diet. It’s called “Vegan, Schmegan! It’s NOT what you call yourself, it’s about creating a diet plan that works for YOU! A 7 Step Plan to Transition to a Plant Based Diet.” For a limited time it’s offered FREE on my website to anybody who subscribes to my blog/newsletter. In the book, I outline 7 steps to facilitate the transition, including: 1. Get Educated 2. Experiment 3. Read Labels 4. Crowding out 5. Try Different Fruits and Veggies I explain these steps and two others in detail in the book. I also offer options for making this transition without a dependency on soy based, processed foods. You can follow a plant based diet without soy products. In fact, I highly recommend it. I don’t expect to convert everyone to a vegan lifestyle, and that’s not my intention. I do want people to understand there are countless benefits to be gained from incorporating more plants into your diet. So I hope that you will consider giving it a try. You have nothing to lose (except excess weight) and whole lot to gain! Do you think you could benefit from following a plant based diet? Is this a lifestyle you would consider? Please leave a comment.]]>

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