Just completed the final week of my 21 day challenge and this week was challenging for me. As a reminder, my objective was to gain more clarity, more focus and more discipline. I also wanted to get in a place of total love and acceptance of myself. I began my week on the road traveling a lot, so I felt like I spent the remainder of the week playing catch up. I didn’t get to work out very much and I had to spend a lot of money eating out because I didn’t have time to prepare my meals. So, that made it tough for me. Ultimately, I had to cut myself some slack, adjust to each day, and acknowledge that I was doing the best that I could. Here’s what I’ve learned from my challenge. First, the conclusion of this 21 day challenge isn’t necessarily going to be the end of my journey, but the beginning. I definitely feel better and more at peace, primarily due to consistent prayer and meditation, but I still need answers. I’m still not clear on the direction I’m taking in 2013,but I’m getting closer to finding out. My intention is to follow my heart and direct my steps towards my strengths and not my weaknesses. I want to spend my energy doing things I’m good at and work on getting better, as opposed to trying to be good at things I’m not good at. Sounds simple, but many of us spend so much time trying to improve on our weaknesses. Consequently, we end up feeling inadequate, and that drains the energy out of doing anything. Instead, we can focus on what we do well and improve on those things. As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t finish as strong as I started as far as my routine goes, but it was good. I began to see progress and some manifestations of my deepest desires. I no longer feel as stuck in transition as I felt when I started. I see progress and I have an overall knowing in my spirit that everything is going to be ok. I know God is working things out for my good. I can honestly say I feel content, like there is nothing lacking or missing in my life. There is so much tragedy going on in the world around us that I feel I have nothing to complain about;the tragedy in Newtown, CT has definitely reminded me of that. In the grand scheme of things I’m really blessed. Sometimes we have to take a step back…a brief pause…so we can remember how blessed we are and how good we really have it. I’m reminded of that every day and I express my sincere gratitude every day. So, my journey isn’t over, it’s just beginning. I’m excited about my future and I can’t wait to see how things pan out. The best is yet to come. Until next time… Peace, love & fitness! ]]>

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