It has been in the works for weeks and last week it finally happened. We relaunched our school garden project at Fort Caroline Elementary School.


We recruited 5th grade students to do the work to get the beds replenished. And we had a classroom of kindergarten students to observe. They were so adorable and excited just to watch. 

The 5th graders were responsible for pulling up the stubborn weeds, laying down new soil, planting seeds and watering the beds. 

These kids have such an incredible work ethic. They loved putting in hard work and I discovered they have a lot of knowledge. Several of the students have gardening experience. One young man – Carlos – works with his dad in the garden. He was so resourceful and strategic about pulling the weeds. A natural born leader. 

We split them up into teams and they worked so well together. We only had 45 minutes to get it all done. Thanks to their hard work, we got it done!

Since we’re hitting the cooler months in Florida, we were limited as to what we could plant. So, we stuck to vegetables that flourish in the winter months and also produce a quick harvest. I wanted to set them up for some quick wins and gain some momentum. They had a lot of ideas of what they wanted to plant, but most of that will need to wait until the spring. 

We planted a couple of varieties of lettuce, radishes and beets. 

Now, the real work begins. They’ll water them everyday the first week, then pull back to a 2-3 days a week. 

I can’t wait to see what happens over the next few weeks. If the love they put into their work has anything to do with the harvest, then we’re in for an abundance of delicious produce! 

This garden project is partially funded by Whole Kids Foundation

Until next time,

Plant to Eat & Eat to Live! 

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